Dr. Robin Bissell

Dr. Bissell graduated from medical school in 1983. She received training in both internal medicine and family practice. She had an office in Greenbelt, Maryland from 1990 to 1999. She sold her practice and moved to the Grantsville area in 1999 because she and her husband preferred the rural area and wanted to raise their daughters away from the hectic city life. They own 24 acres of forest and hope to be raising shiitake mushrooms there soon.

Dr. Bissell is married and has two daughters who are studying nursing and social work. Her husband is a professor of Emergency Health Services at UMBC where he directs the Masters EHS program. He has trained many talented professionals who now are county and state EMS directors. He has volunteered for several years with the Garrett County Health Department in preparing for emergency response to disasters. He is also collaborating with the Allegany County Health Department. For the past 8 years he has served as the head of the medical committee for the National Red Cross. He has many publications in the field, including a textbook for training people in the field.

Dr. Bissell's Other Interests