We provide all of the services of a typical Family Practice. If we are unable to get you better quickly, we will refer you to a specialist
Preventative Care
We provide preventive services including well child exams, sport physicals, adult physicals, GYN exams, bus driver physicals, and DOT physicals. We also provide immunizations for children and adults
Acute Care
We can help you with many acute problems. You can often get a same day appointment. These include colds, earaches, cough, muscle pains, joint pains, minor lacerations, ear wax problems, rashes and many others.
Chronic Care
We take care of many chronic conditions including high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, High cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. We try to provide comprehensive care, paying attention not only to your medications, but also to choices you can make to improve your health. We like to monitor your weight and provide diet teaching to help you keep it healthy. We also address activity and exercise as important to staying healthy. We encourage smoking cessation because tobacco increases disease and shortens lives.
Dr. Bissell has been particularly interested in helping people with diabetes. She believes that if patients understand their illness better, they will be better able to improve. Many of our patients have shown remarkable improvement with better food choices, consistent exercise, and losing weight!
Diagnostic Services
Several times in the course of medical care, diagnostic testing is necessary. Some laboratory testing is done the office. Blood tests are ordered as needed and can be drawn in the office or at a lab here in Grantsville, or at a lab of your choice. We provide you with a computer generated order for all lab and radiology testing. EKGs, pulse oximetry, and spirometry are all done in the office. Nebulizer treatments can be done if needed.
House Calls
For established patients with special needs, Dr. Bissell will do house calls in the Grantsville area
Nursing Home
We have a large group of patients at Goodwill Retirement Community near Grantsville. This is a recognized and respected resource in our community, known for the quality of care provided to its residents.